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Khirea Jewels

YKTFV 💯 pendant preorder

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this pendant measures 7/8” x 1 1/5”

Preorder shipping time

Hand fabricated and made to order in metals of your choice, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery ☺︎

About materials

Khirea Jewels pendants are sustainable and allergy-friendly, made only using combinations of 18 kt gold and recycled sterling silver.

We use vermeil, a thick micron coat of gold over silver that’s higher quality and lasts wayyy longer than traditional plating. Its durability is part of my sustainability effort. ☺︎

Need a chain?

Chains are sold separately, but add on sterling silver chains are now available. Check them out here ☺︎

Handmade in NYC

Pendants are made in NYC, each uniquely hand carved using alternative engraving techniques inspired by graffiti processes.


When you're not flexing them, we recommend storing your pieces in a box or bag to prevent oxidization or scratches. As any components begin to naturally oxidize, use a silver polishing cloth to make them bright again.

Gold pieces are vermeil, a very thick 18kt gold coat over sterling silver. You can increase their lifespans by avoiding showering, sleeping with, working out with, perfuming, or lotioning them. ★