KJ Signature Pendants

Khirea Jewels signature pendants are sustainable and allergy-friendly, made only with combinations of 18 kt gold and recycled sterling silver.

Each piece is uniquely hand carved using alternative engraving techniques inspired by nameplate and graffiti processes. Made by hand in NYC ♥︎

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Check out these bold signature pieces, including coveted pendants, charms, and rings that explore "the uncanny valley of competence"

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The Brand Is Strong

Khirea Jewels began as an act of rebellion.

The brand was born when Ashley Khirea Wahba’s signature pendants gained notoriety in the art jewelry world (and online). These pieces were a way of saying fuck you to the stuffy traditions of fine jewelry engraving, to the pretentiousness of contemporary art jewelry, and to the low production standards of fashion jewelry.

She continues to bring this ethos into every piece she creates today.


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