Here's the answers to your most pressing questions!


Q: Do you ship to my country?

A: I ship internationally ☺︎


Q: Do you do custom pendants?

A: Yup!!! Check out the custom page for the process guide ♥︎


Q: Wtf is vermeil?

A: All pendants are made only using combos of recycled sterling silver and 18 kt vermeil, a thick micron coat of gold over silver that’s higher quality and lasts wayyy longer than traditional plating. It’s a bit more expensive but a part of my sustainability effort. Also! Thanks to this, all the pendants are allergy friendly!


Q: Wassup with drops vs preorders?

A: I occasionally drop pendants that are ready to ship within like 2 days and are less expensive than the preorders, which are pendants of the same designs but made to order. With preorders you can choose your own metal combos, but they take approx 4-6 weeks for production. This process is another part of the sustainability effort to create less waste.


Q: Are you single?

A: Yes ;)   (I will update FAQ page if this changes)