About :)

Ashley Khirea Wahba is an Egyptian-American artist and niche internet micro celebrity working primarily in jewelry and digital media in NYC.

Her brand, Khirea Jewels, began as an act of rebellion.

During her time at RISD and Royal College of Art, she became disillusioned and furious with the art world– especially the world of contemporary jewelry, which looked down on the jewelry she had grown up wearing and sought to put certain types of adornments (extremely overpriced and rife with cliches and fake deep concepts) on a pedestal. In the time between her degrees, Ashley briefly worked in the fashion industry, where she came to loathe the lack of quality fabrication and responsible sourcing, but loved the democratic, affordable aspects of fashion jewelry.

The pendants, which quickly grew in popularity and notoriety, were a way of saying fuck you to the traditions of fine jewelry engraving, to the pretentiousness of contemporary jewelry, and to the low production standards of fashion jewelry.

She continues to bring this ethos into every piece she creates today.

Read an interview with her to learn more and marvel at her natural gift for being irritating.

Contact her via e-mail at ashley@khirea.com

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