Care Guide

Demi-Fine Pendant Care Tips

My gold pendants are vermeil, a very thick 18kt gold coat over sterling silver . I’ve been wearing a particular one every day for 9 months and there are no signs of wear to the gold coat 😇.
While they hold up well, to protect their lives avoid showering, sleeping with, perfuming, or lotioning them.
As your sterling silver bails/pendants begin to naturally oxidize, you can use a silver polishing cloth to make them bright again. ✨✨✨

Contact me if you'd like to send in a piece for a lil refreshening.


Silk Care Tips
I know DIY is tempting, but don’t even; dry clean only!
(I also mainly just use a tiny cheap portable steamer to keep my scarves lookin fresh. 💅🏽)


Earrings and chain necklaces
Basically just don't throw them around or something. Like, wear them to the club but prob take them off in the mosh pit.