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MENACE pendant, rare blackened silver (RTS)

Made with the ancient lost wax technique, this multi-textured pendant features a combo of both mirror-polish and satin-finish details. Extremely obsessed. I can hardly handle it.

This blackened solid sterling silver piece measures 1.5" x 1" and is a țȟȋçç lil guy.

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This piece is ready to ship and goes out within ~2-3 business days. Look out for your shipping confirmation e-mail ☺︎


We use only recycled metals, minimize waste by making jewelry to order, and fabricate everything ethically in my NYC studio. Always.


These pieces are meant to be lived in. You can keep these pieces polished or allow them to develop their own natural patina over time. Just do you with them :)

If you want to keep them bright, you can store your pieces in a box or bag to prevent oxidization or scratches. You can also avoid working out in, showering with, sleeping with, perfuming, or lotioning them.

As metals begin to naturally oxidize, use a silver polishing cloth to make them bright again. The internet is also full with tips for DIY cleaning brass at home- you can even just use a toothbrush and toothpaste. If you want the surface to stay shiny, don't use anything too abrasive.

Cleaning and polishing is also available by me for $10 plus shipping; e-mail ☺︎