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$ VTG 14K gold stud earring

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 Obsessed with this lil guy. There's some sparkly diamond cuts in the middle and on the ends and a lil channel running thru which all gives it a really sweet sense of depth. Also the mismatched ends on top and bottom is amazing. Earring measures 0.5 x 0.3 inches.

KJ curated one-of-a-kind find. This vintage 14K solid gold rescue is an enduring, sustainable treasure. I wanna keep them all.

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This is real, solid, 14kt gold, which doesn't tarnish, so if your piece isn't delicate, you can feel free to sleep and shower in them like I do! You'll occasionally need to give it a lil clean with a soft toothbrush and a lil bit of gentle dish soap, and maybe use a jewelry cleaning cloth if you have one on hand.

If you're concerned about scratches, then when you're not flexing them, you can store your pieces in a box or bag for protection.


All vintage gold is, well, vintage gold. Pieces have been rescued before they hit the refinery and got lost forever. By virtue of this, no new material has been sourced and little-to-no new emissions have been produced.

Gold, of course, is a durable material. It is long-lasting and heirloom-worthy by nature. Never disposable fashion.